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Preparing the ground for change and cultivating connections

When making any changes in in any organization the thing that is often perceived to be the ‘really hard’ bit is how to connect strategy with the often messy reality of what happens operationally every day.

We then proceed to make it ‘really hard’ by injecting lots of energy and enthusiasm in ‘from the top’ and often use lots of specialist resource to help drive a large and loud change management programme.

If all we’re actually trying to do is change people’s minds to get them to change their behaviours, then is it any wonder that more often than not, that we don’t quite get the outcomes that we wanted? 

Have you ever felt that even through you’ve done all the right things according to the change management bible that you still haven’t made the long term connections to what people actually do? 

Have you ever wondered at how it might be if changing things could be easier because the people in your organization were somehow were just more change-able?

We believe that humans are naturally pretty good at change, we just need to ensure that those people with the biggest influence in organizations (your frontline managers and supervisors)  know how to influence the thinking  of individuals in their teams in a way that that cultivates energy, ownership, responsibility and adaptability.   Also that they do it consistently every day.

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So why not think about cultivation.  This means investing your energy in your people with a view to the significant benefits the organization will reap if they are given the conditions and the right environment in which to grow.

This means devoting time and thought to developing individuals, helping your people to expand as human beings, not only as human doings.  If you help your people be themselves, they’ll do more for you when you land the next big change on them.

Cultivating change-ability in your everyday organization means starting with your frontline and middle managers.   They are the true and long term change consultants and coaches in your organization.  They make and break connections. 

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