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Individual focus

Essential skills training

Developing a change-able  organization relies on your ability to proactively support the individual development and growth of people, and this relies on the skills of your supervisors and managers.

Combining skills training with ongoing coaching support is a proven way to develop essential change skills of coaching, communicating, motivating, influencing, inspiring, self awareness and flexibility. 

Once your staff are motivated to be the best they can be through the way they are directly managed, business results will follow as levels of commitment, flexibility and capacity to change increases.  Without this focus on the everyday organization you may find yourself  spending lots of excess energy focusing on  ’managing resistance’.

Individual coaching

The skills of an effective leader of change are rapidly becoming absolutely critical management competencies and apply to managers at all levels.  These people make your strategy to reality.

You can use individual coaching to develop  and support the supervisors and managers in your organization who wield the ultimate power to promote or block any  efforts to change and improve things.    A short term collaborative coaching partnership can help leaders start to appreciate and leverage the massive influence they have on staff
-ability.    Common sense (and research if you need it) shows that people tend to leave bosses not organizations, which is why we think sustainable change starts with cultivating leaders who inspire their staff.

Team focus

Team coaching and facilitation

Team building events (however much fun they are) that remain disconnected from the reality of the everyday organization may have questionable long term benefits to the organization.  Teams or workgroups often just need to experience a different perspective on something to solve a problem. Muddy fields often provide a great way to change the environment enough to offer this new outlook. The real skill is in working out how to apply new insights and learning to what happens back in the office in the following weeks and months; finding ways to tap into the energy created on the day.

A good team coach can help teams learn and apply new skills in the work environment, working on real issues, solving real problems.  Team coaching is great when you want to create or change the energy in a team or a workgroup; a manager needs to be part of an event (not facilitating it); or when you are forming a new team.  It is also useful in addressing problems that are temporarily preventing a team performing at their best.  Team coaching can also be a very useful complement to more conventional team building events and can be just as much fun as wading through muddy fields carrying  rusty scaffold poles.  Honest.

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Organization focus

Change management consultancy

It’s a fact of business life that we often have to make changes in how we operate to respond to industry and market pressures, changing customer or supplier demands or new technologies.

A structured, well researched and customised programme of activities can dramatically increase the chances of your employees embracing, supporting and making the changes required to respond effectively to these demands. 

With this organizational perspective you can deploy specialist tools and processes to help facilitate  and measure people change.  Without it you might find yourself relying  solely on uncoordinated training and communications strategies.  We specialise in championing the people agenda to support technology implementations working closely alongside IT providers.

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Here at Intrality we design, plan, manage and deliver activities and interventions to start making, strengthening and leveraging connections in your everyday organization.